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Academic Programs

Division of Sciences

Welcome from the Dean of Sciences

Welcome to the Division of Sciences at Bethel College! Our science programs encompass a wide range of subjects; our programs include psychology, biology, kinesiology, chemistry, physics, and math, as well as corresponding secondary education majors. Science areas use logical reasoning and the scientific method as investigative tools to explore the incredible world God has created and our relation to that world. Our programs will train you not only with the academic and technical skills necessary for success in your desired field of study, but also with the critical and analytical skills to become a leader in that area.

What makes Bethel science programs unique? Consider the following:

  • Professors: Bethel professors are excellent in their academic field: 85% of our full-time professors in science possess a Ph.D., some from the nation’s top universities. And yet they all consider their academic positions as not just jobs, but callings: A calling to invest in your intellectual growth. A calling to foster your spiritual development. A calling to give you the tools you need to become a leader in your field.
  • Small Class Size: Individual attention is very typical among our majors. Upper-division courses can often range from 5 to 15 students per class. You will also receive personalized advising as you move through your program and look at possible options for careers.
  • Faith and Learning: Faith is not just something that is tacked on to our science programs. Inside and outside of class, students and teachers talk about what it means to be a Christian pursuing their area of study.
  • Excellent Facilities: Our lab facilities rival those of much larger colleges and universities. For instance, we are one of only a handful of Christian colleges in Indiana that has a cadaver lab for our pre-med, pre-physical therapy, and nursing students to study Anatomy and Physiology. Come check out what’s available!
  • Opportunities for Service: Many colleges offer opportunities to serve the surrounding community in general, but not many purposefully match that service with your academic area of study. You’ll find opportunities here to not only put your knowledge into practice, but in a way that serves others as Jesus would.

There’s much more to the college experience at Bethel than a simple list can capture. Please explore the various department websites at right for more information on specific programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact a department chair if you have any questions about programs or majors.

God’s blessings on your future studies,

Dr. Rob Myers

Dr. Rob Myers, Ph.D.
Dean, Division of Sciences