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Academic Programs

A.A. in Deaf Studies

Both the A.A. degree and the minor in American Sign Language are intended for those students desiring to develop language skills allowing them to converse with d/Deaf adults. As with any second language, ASL is an asset in supplementing other fields of study such as education, nursing, or other service professions.

Class Class Name Credits
General Studies*
HIST210 History of the Christial Church & the Deaf Community 3
  *See a complete listing of General Studies courses. Courses listed above are General Studies courses required by the Interpreting major.  
ASL101 ASL I with lab 4
ASL111 ASL II with lab 4
ASL201 ASL III with lab 4
ASL204 Idioms & ASL Expressions 4
ASL208 American Deaf Culture 3
ASL211 ASL IV with a lab 4
  Race & Ethnicty 3