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Academic Programs

B.A. in Interpreting

The B.A. degree in Sign Language Interpretation emphasizes both theoretical and skill development in the rudiments of interpreting while preparing students with the tools that will enhance their ability to become nationally certified interpreters. At the completion of the program, our students will be foundationally prepared to work in the community as professional interpreters.

Class Class Name Credits
General Studies*
ASL 101 ASL I with lab 4
ASL 111 ASL II with lab 4
ASL 201 ASL III with a lab 4
ASL 204 Idioms & ASL Expressions 4
ASL 208 American Deaf Culture 2
ASL 211 ASL IV with a lab 4
ASL 214 Advanced Fingerspelling & Numbers 2
ASL 311 ASL Rhetoric 2
INT 301 ASL/English Interpreting I with a lab 4
INT 302 ASL/English Interpreting II with a lab 4
INT 304 Interpreting Fundamentals 3
INT 311 Linguistics of ASL 2
INT 401 ASL/English Interpreting III with a lab 4
INT 402 ASL/English Interpreting IV with a lab 4
INT 417 Interpreter Certification/Evaluation 2
INT 418 Job Market Analysis in Interpreting 2
INT 450 Interpreting Practicum 8
Required Cognates
ENGL 401 Introductory Linguistics 3
Electives   8