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ASL Club

Club Minutes

An exciting element offered at Bethel College is the ASL Club. The Club is advised by one of our Deaf professors with three student officers running the club. This year's officers were: Secretary Emily Welsh, Vice President Kortney Matthews, and President Wendy Andry. The ASL Club is formed to encourage the use of American Sign Language outside the classroom and with native Deaf users. We have monthly meetings to conduct Club business with the students and provide the opportunity for them to practice their signing skills.

Dr. Kutcka and ASL students

The ASL Club also plans social events open to the d/Deaf community. This year's events included: two Coffeehouse meetings, a Thanksgiving dinner, a fiesta party, a silent overnighter, and we carpooled to other events around the area.

Another objective of the ASL Club is to provide encouragement and unity among the different classes. With this club varying from ASL I - INT 3 students, we need some way to support, encourage, and share with each other about ASL, the Deaf community, and being an ASL student. The club's a great way to meet other students who aren't in your classes! Only the use of ASL is permitted at each event! We are lucky to have this kind of a club available to us. Come visit us!