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During the last Spring semester at Bethel, all interpreting majors participate in a practicum. The practicum is an opportunity for students to apply the culmination of four years of knowledge and classroom training toward the reality of interpreting in a professional yet supervised setting.

As a potential student of the Interpreter Training program, there is information about the practicum you may find helpful. As previously stated, registration for the practicum is in the final Spring semester. The student is assigned a site, and interpreting referral agency, and works at the site for 10 weeks under the supervision of a qualified interpreter who acts as a mentor. The site is determined in part by the student's preference, the availability of the sites in specific areas, and the qualification of the mentor. Not only does this type of situation broaden the student's experience, but it may lead to a more permanent position upon completion of practicum.

The practicum experience is the capstone to an already physically, intellectually and spiritually challenging four years at Bethel College.