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Task Force

Mix together the love of outreach, the d/Deaf community, and sign language and you'll find the perfect recipe for another one of Bethel College's task force mission's trip! Jennifer Kutcka, Assistant Professor of ASL and Lisa Mahoney, staff interpreter, led a team of 14 ASL/interpreting students ans they traveled to Honduras on May 6-19, 2005.


Working alongside New Life Deaf Ministry, the Task Force team ministered to young d/Deaf school children in Honduras, visited homes of d/Deaf youth and adults in the church, and encouraged families by delivering food and clothing as well as provided services such as painting, cleaning, and sharing God's Word. Christ-themed drama skits and presentations for the Deaf church in Honduras capped off the team's ministry.

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This task force trip continues the tradition of Indiana's first four-year ASL/interpreting program. In October of 2003 during Bethel's fall break, a team embarked on a road trip to inner-city Chicago. In May of 1998 and 2000, teams went overseas to Knockpatrick, Jamaica, where they helped reconstruct the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, a school for d/Deaf Jamaican children.


"There's a true sense of one's place in this world when you learn to extend unconditional love to a complete stranger in need. That's what a task force trip is all about," added Assistant Professor Angela Myers.

Bethel's program sees the need and responds by sending task force teams on an alternating basis to international and national sites! Join our team and experience the unimaginable!