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Academic Programs


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Everest-Rohrer Auditorium
Our main stage, built in 1996, the Auditorium seats 860 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. The proscenium stage is 48 feet wide by 32 feet deep and includes an orchestra pit for musical presentations. The Theatre Arts department produces three shows on the main stage each academic year; a comedy, a serious drama or tragedy and a musical. Dressing rooms, rehearsal space and the costume shop are located on the lower level of the Auditorium.
Scene Shop
Scenery and props are constructed in our 1600 square foot Scene Shop. Students learn the safe and correct usage of a variety of wood-working tools and welding equipment. The shop is located across campus, a situation that could be considered unfortunate. We look at it as a teaching tool. The construction techniques used to create our scenery are those practiced in the industry for repertory and touring sets.
Costume and Prop Shop
Our Costume and Prop Shop houses costumes, props, and furniture. When the auditorium first opened, the large room was empty, but shortly thereafter we received a costume collection containing somewhere near 2,000 pieces. As of now, the Costume and Prop Shop houses our more than 7,000- piece costume and prop shop.