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About the Genesians

“Be proud enough to give nothing but your best, but be humble enough to give that best for one person.” – Troupe Motto

The Genesians of Bethel College is a religious drama troupe with serious intent of presenting spiritual truths through the medium of drama.  They have been actively performing since 1968, with thousands of performances throughout the United States and Canada.


The Genesians take their name from Genesius, a Roman actor in the court of Diocletian during the fourth century. In the course of his acting career, he was asked to play the part of a Roman general who became a Christian. During the performance of the play, Genesius suddenly felt the love of God touch his heart so clearly that he stopped acting and told the Emperor Diocletian that he had become a Christian.

When Diocletian demanded that he recant, Genesius refused. He was taken from the stage, tortured, then finally martyred for his new-found faith. Genesius, then, could be considered the patron saint of religious drama, an example of courage and supreme commitment to the cause of Christ.


  • Judith Viorst's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
    • Book and lyrics by Judith Viorst
    • Music by Shelly Markham
  • Footprints of a Pilgrm Script Adaption by Lamb's Players

Contact us as soon as possible to reserve a date for the 2013-2014 school year. We will be available for weekday engagements after the first of the year through the middle of April. Of course there are student breaks and other complications throughout the semester, so please have a few dates available when you contact us. We will consider any time from 7am to 5pm. Evening shows are also periodically available.

Please contact Barb Franklin at 574.807.7747.