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1984 (November 2007)


Since the publishing of the novel 1984 back in 1949, we, as a society, have been weary of having any government seem as though it has total control of our lives. The term Big Brother, from the book, has become a common term for ubiquitous or overreaching authority. However, since WW II it seems like that’s all governments around the world have been trying to do. As in the play, the airways of the world media outlets are full of propaganda and/or edited and slanted information that is geared towards a particular school of political thought. Newspeak or dehumanizing babble of bureaucracies and computer programs, has taken over our lives. It seems that we have all let our guards down to live in nice houses, drive SUV’s, talk on our mostly bugged cell phones, and wear the latest fashions of the day to numb our senses to the fact that the world is constantly at war somewhere, that somewhere people are starving or homeless or are working in insane conditions to get us our conveniences. This is a show to remind us, wake us up, get us motivated to at least an awareness that our complacency is being watched… how much can the establishment get away with today on your watch?