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Jeff Combs

Jeff Combs
  • Title Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts
    Digital Photography
  • Work Phone
  • Office 1001 Bethel Circle Mishawaka IN 46545 USA EST

Professor Jeffrey Combs received his M.F.A. in Photography from the University of Michigan in 1997, his B.A. in Photography from the University of Dayton in 1993, and is also an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. He currently lives in South Bend, Ind., and teaches digital photography and electronic imaging at Bethel College and Ivy Tech Community College.

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to innovative processes of image making and to new visual experience. I create dimensional lenticular constructs as interactive spaces in which the boundaries of the static picture plane are broken and transformed, and which contain continuously changing light, atmospheres and movement.

Over the years my work has taken two distinct paths: first, memory explorations, which transform human documents, such as old photographs and daily life trivia, into dimensional still life meditations on history and immediacy; and second, conceptual explorations of strata, light and movement. 

In my creative process, every image begins as a carefully orchestrated still life installation. I photograph it from several angles, merge those espials into a single image, digitally remake the image using Photoshop, and finally, with the help of a lenticular lens, transform it into a dimensional lenticular construct which relies on the sensory participation of the viewer to be brought to life. Lenticular art, like live theater, never repeats itself. The slightest change of the viewing angle or the light allows for indefinite possibilities of aesthetic discovery.

There are many unique challenges that I face as a lenticular artist. One challenge lies in introducing a medium that had originally emerged as a commercial gimmick to be a rightful participant in the fine arts discourse. Another challenge stems from the difficulties in promoting this medium that cannot be represented in any form other than itself. Perhaps, because of those barriers, combined with very steep learning curve and high expenses, very few artists work in this media.

View Jeff's online portfolio.