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Academic Programs

Visual Art Major


Students shall graduate possessing:

  1. A comprehension, understanding, and appreciation for the historical trajectory and relevance of the visual arts in everyday life.
  2. A broad knowledge and experience with each of the artistic mediums taught by the many skilled faculty of the Department of Visual Arts.
  3. A finely honed and concentrated skill in one specific media of the students’ choice.
  4. An understanding that within the process of creation, a closer proximity to divinity exists. Fostering this relationship promotes lifelong learning.
  5. The skills necessary to pursue and succeed at artistic careers, and further participate in the visual arts and civic art community.
  6. Awareness of a dynamic and accumulative body of knowledge regarding the visual arts.
  7. The ability to make critical, analytical, and spiritual decisions within their own work, as well as to communicate these evaluations effectively.

Teaching Philosophy

The Department of Visual Arts believes that every individual has the ability to be a successful artist in whatsoever form that individual wants it to manifest itself. Each student is looked at as a unique individual who has abilities, vision, and talent that is completely their own. We believe it is our job to aid students in making their ideas reach the highest levels of aesthetic quality possible. Through individual critiques, hands on instructions, and ample studio time, students have the opportunity to learn and better improve their own art abilities and works.

Courses of Study in the Visual Arts

The Department of Visual Arts offers Bachelor’s degrees for the following:

  • Studio Arts
  • Design

For those interested in or have chosen a field where the knowledge of the Visual Arts would be helpful:

  • Studio Arts Minor
  • Design Minor

Class requirements for an art major! - PDF

Job opportunities for an art major!