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Academic Programs

Student Profiles

Our students come from several states nationwide. We have also had several international students including Great Britain and Ecuador. They are all dedicated to the practice and excellence of their respective art forms. Many graduating students work as visual artists, designers, videographers, and teachers. Several students apply their art in missions related work.

Students do not need to send a portfolio of their work in advance of enrolling at Bethel as an art major, unless they wish to be considered for an Art Scholarship. The interested student simply contacts the department for an appointment including a portfolio review.

Students Study Art Abroad

Overseas Art Study

Art students may travel overseas during annual Spring Break tours to such countries as: England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Greece. Valuable art historical insights are gained from the viewing of master art work as seen in museums or art in the streets as monuments and artifacts. Area study or tutorial art credit may be earned.