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Academic Programs


During studio classes you interact not only with your work, but also with the other students and faculty members. With art, it’s important to have that interaction, to be able to bounce ideas off of other people and artists. — Stephanie Hollenbaugh-Collmenter '10

Classes are challenging, but they also give you freedom as an artist. — Bridget Hosey '11

Bethel professors create class environments that are equally fun and fascinating. They help you stretch your artistic skills far beyond what you think you’re capable of. — Aaron Denlinger '12

I worked on various digital imaging pieces as posters for Black History Month Events (this helped draw some attention to the events). I even improved some of the posters I did last semester in Los Angeles as part of my film studies curriculum. — Wiafe Mensah-Bonsu

As I began my journey into the realm of art, I was very naive and unaware of where the journey might take me. I had always loved art and the freedom of expression it affords me. It is an area of study unlike any other because of its non-traditional means of expression.

I feel as though I experienced much growth as an artist in the three years I was in the Bethel College art program. I developed my skills in a variety of art media. — Danelle Jones

I was a Visual art major at Bethel. In my time of studying art, I have learned that quality art production takes a lot of time, organization, research, and studio practice. — Dan Trump

Careers in Art

Our students have careers as fine artists showing their work in galleries and museums, teachers, working as graphic designers and illustrators in industry and missions related work.