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Transfer and Other Credit

Transfer and Award of Academic Credit


  1. The educational quality of the institution from which the student transfers is always taken into consideration. Credits from a regionally accredited institution within the Higher Education Commission are most generally accepted. Institutions accredited by organizations other than regional members of the Higher Education Commission may be accepted based on our knowledge of, or experience with, the institution. Credits from other institutions are evaluated case by case. The number of hours may be limited.
  2. Bethel will take into account the comparability of the nature, content, and level of credit earned in particular courses to those offered at Bethel College.
  3. The appropriateness and applicability of credit earned to the programs offered by Bethel College is also considered. All credit granted by Bethel College will be made part of the student’s academic record. The official evaluation will indicate which courses will meet general studies requirements; however, the division chairperson from the specific major area must submit a Credit Transfer Report indicating which courses will replace those in a major and/or minor. Remaining course work may transfer as general electives.
  4. The last 30 semester hours prior to graduation and at least 18 hours in the major field must be completed at Bethel College for the Baccalaureate Degree. For the Associate Degree, the last 18 hours must be completed at Bethel with at least 9 hours in the area of concentration.
  5. Bethel accepts credit hours but not grades and grade points in transfer.
  6. Eligible transfer credit hours based on the quarter system may be accepted at Bethel for ¾ hours credit. Credit from schools on a trimester system are evaluated on a case by case basis.
  7. Only courses with grades of C- or higher are accepted in transfer for Bethel College major or minor requirements. A grade of D or higher in will be accepted for General Studies credit provided that the cumulative GPA at that institution is 2.0 or higher. Any credit not meeting major or general studies requirements may be applied toward general electives.

If you have any questions about the official evaluation, feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office in Room A-218 or call 574.807.7410.