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Annual Fund

What is the Bethel College Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the program for alumni, parents and friends of Bethel College to provide an annual gift in support of various programs at our institution. It includes the following traditional areas of support: Unrestricted gifts, Scholarships, Annual capital improvements and Special designated programs. When you make a gift to any of these areas, you are supporting the Bethel College Annual Fund. Fundraising activities for the Fund are directed by the Office of Institutional Advancement. This office serves as a resource for alumni or friends who have questions about any aspect of their giving.

Contact Schedule

The Bethel College Annual Fund operates on a calendar year from July to June.

  • September - Fall Appeal Letter
  • October - Fall Phonathon
  • November - Calendar Year-end Appeal Letter
  • January - Student Thankathon
  • February - Spring Appeal Letter
  • May - Fiscal Year-end Appeal Letter

Why do I get more than one solicitation?

Generally, those who make a gift early in the year receive only one regular solicitation. Selected mailings to those who have already made a gift are designed as a thank you and a progress report on Annual Fund gift totals. An opportunity for making a new gift is always provided because many donors prefer to make several smaller gifts rather than one larger gift.

Based on your degree and special interests, you may also receive solicitations from other campus areas groups. We do not want to overwhelm you with mail, so we strive to coordinate the timing of various fundraising programs at the College.

How do I specify support?

Every solicitation mailing provides a choice from a short list of the most urgent general fund needs at the college. The majority of the annual fund gifts are used to provide scholarships for our current students. Unrestricted gifts are the best way to provide support for the changing priorities in any financial budget. If you would like to make a larger gift for a special program or project at Bethel, please call the office for Institutional Advancement at (574) 257-3310.

How do matching gifts work?

If your company has a matching gift program, your gift to Bethel College may be doubled or even tripled. Forms are usually available from your human resources department. If you are not sure whether or not a particular company matches gifts, please call us. Matching gifts from your employer will be credited towards your level of giving in the Bethel College Giving Clubs.

Other Options for Giving

While annual fund gifts are crucial to Bethel college, they are not the only way to support the institution. Some other ways to make a contribution:

  • Making a gift to the capital campaign
  • Making a gift that will provide you income throughout your life
  • Remembering Bethel College in your will
  • Making a gift in kind

Bethel's Founders Society

Opportunities for Giving Club Membership Levels

  • Associates Council - A gift of $500
  • Presidents Council - A gift of $1,000
  • Advisors Council - A gift of $2,500
  • Trustees Council - A gift of $5,000
  • Founders Council - A gift of $10,000
  • Legacy Council- A gift of $25,000