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2005 Award Recipients

Bethel College proudly recognizes the accomplishments of three outstanding alumni who give selflessly of themselves for the betterment of community, family, church and their profession.

E. Wayne Speicher ’57, Alumnus of the YearE.Wayne Speicher

Wayne Speicher is a familiar face in the Bethel community. He served as a faculty member for 17 years and as dean of students and still faithfully attends Bethel events. Wayne has guided many young people in their spiritual growth and also directed them towards higher education. As a missionary in Mexico for eight years, he was instrumental in bringing many international students to Bethel. Four Missionary Churches have benefited from his pastoral leadership and he now serves as chaplain for Hubbard Hill Estates.

Jaurene (Tschetter) Traub ’67, Professional Achievement Award

Jaurene TraubTo Jaurene Tschetter Traub, music is the international language. As a music teacher, Jaurene inspires a love for music in children and uses music to foster reading and other developmental skills in her students. Her unique approach to music education has brought her recognition and has helped many children in the community’s Hispanic population learn English. An accomplished musician and former pastor’s wife, she is the prayer coordinator for the Northwest District of the Missionary Church and enjoys serving as worship leader and/or speaker for women’s retreats and meetings.

Mike Kupke ’78, Timothy Award

Mike KupkeMike Kupke found his mission in an unusual place—behind locked doors in the Elkhart County Jail. The former youth counselor has been ministering to inmates for more than 20 years. He has brought hope back to many and helped them open their lives to Christ. His efforts have ensured the success and longevity of the chaplaincy program. Mike balances his activities in the jail with service to the outside community, his church and his dedication to family. The Timothy Award recognizes individuals for unnoticed and sacrificial work done behind the scenes.