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Bethel Freshman Receives $20,000 Scholarship

By Hannah Lambdin

Attending college can be expensive. Grants and scholarships help many students afford the expense. Like many of those students, Bethel freshman, Adam Stuck of Quito, Ecuador uses a scholarship to pay for his tuition. But his scholarship is a bit different from many other students.

Stuck’s novel, “Nathan Quist and the Insurmountable Problem” is the 2008 winner of the Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition, sponsored by Tweener Ministries in Warsaw, Ind. Stuck receives a $20,000 scholarship as well as a book contract.

This isn’t the first time Stuck has been noticed for his writing. In 2007 he received fourth place and $6,000 in the same contest for his prequel, “Nathan Quist and the Case of the Crescent Earrings.”

Stuck said he hadn’t expected to win.

“I remember hanging up the phone and throwing my hands up in the air and screaming, ‘score!’”

Stuck is living on Bethel’s campus where he is majoring in English Education. He acknowledges that all of the credit for his writing belongs to God. Due to his scholarship and book contract, Stuck’s experience at Bethel thus far has been vastly different than many students.

“Many people have made a great fuss over the whole thing. I have really appreciated the encouragement, but there have been times when I wonder why everyone thinks it’s such a big deal.”

The Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition was started three years ago in order to encourage literacy among 8 to 12 year old boys. The competition is opened to high school students who write a short novel for tweens that is between 15,000 and 25,000 words.

“Literacy is more than reading.” Said Dr. Marvin G. Baker, president of Tweener Ministries. “We began looking for ways to encourage writing as well as reading.”

The Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition was the result.

Stuck was not the only scholarship recipient to attend Bethel. Warsaw, Ind. resident, Amy Green will attend Bethel. She placed second and will receive $10,000 for her novel, “Final Countdown.”