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Employment Opportunities

Student Campus Jobs

Each year Bethel College employs approximately 300 students in various job sites on campus. As a part of the mission of Bethel College to prepare students for future careers, campus employment opportunities are designed to reflect the expectations and responsibilities encountered in the professional work place. Student workers are encouraged to take pride in their tasks and to learn from their job opportunities.

Students are paid an hourly wage and receive these funds bi-weekly. Wages are direct deposited into the student’s bank account, or can be automatically credited to the student’s school bill. This can be accomplished by completing the appropriate form in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Procedures for Locating On-Campus Employment

Review the list of Job Opportunities and when you find one that is of interest to you, please follow the steps below to ensure that all necessary procedures and paperwork are completed.

  • Please print out the Student Employment Application form and complete.  Please note: Bowen Library, Education Resource Center, Food Services, and Maintenance have different applications for you to complete.
  • Submit completed applications to the Office of Career Services, A316, in the Huffman Administration Building.
  • Upon hiring and BEFORE beginning to work, you must complete Employment Eligibility and tax forms in the HR office and provide the following ORIGINAL (photocopies are not allowed) ID’s:
    • Unexpired Passport OR
    • Driver’s license AND social security card OR
    • Driver’s license AND birth certificate

Note: If you have previously been a student employee of Bethel College within the past year, you do not need to complete tax forms again.