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Financial Aid

Consumer Information


A copy of accreditation documents may be requested by contacting the President’s office at 574.257.3313.

Special facilities

Services For Students With Disabilities
Services for students with disabilities are provided by Academic Support Services, located within the Teaching Learning Center. Services may include assistance with note taking, alternative testing, books on tape, or other accommodations deemed reasonable and necessary by qualified professionals. To receive these services, a student must provide documentation of his/her disability. Academic Support personnel also coordinate the peer tutoring program and Twenty First Century Scholars Program.

Costs of attending Bethel College

Instructional Facilities

The Bethel College campus has numerous buildings which house the various academic programs.

Bethel College Faculty

Bethel College Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate degrees offered at Bethel College.

Bethel College Graduate Programs

Graduate programs offered at Bethel College.

For information regarding student financial assistance

Office of Student Financial Services
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For information regarding academics

Academic Services Office
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For information regarding our residential campus

Student Development Office
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For information regarding distance learning student complaint process

Student Complaint Process by State (SHEEO, September 2012)


Consortium Agreements

The number of credits earned under an approved consortium agreement is integrated into the student’s record upon completion of the course. Note: Courses must first be approved for transfer by the Bethel College Registrar’s Office. The Consortium Agreement is also subject to approval by both the home and host institution’s authorized financial aid staff.  Failure to complete the course/s could negatively reflect in the SAP evaluation.  Financial Aid staff from the home school will request information from the host school during the enrolled term to confirm continued enrollment and (at the end of the term) satisfactory academic progress.  Failure to complete the course/s or completing a course/s in a manner that does not comply with College’s transfer standards will result in financial aid suspension and future requests for a consortium agreement will not be considered.  If a SAP appeal is approved, unearned hours under the consortium agreement will not be calculated when future progress reviews occur.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Education

The Bethel College alcohol and drug abuse program extends far beyond minimum requirements for such programs. Since Bethel College does not permit the use of alcohol or drugs on or off campus, abuse problems tend to be hidden. For this reason the extensive program strives to reach five distinct outcomes:

  1. Training and information which may prevent some students, faculty and staff from abusing drugs and alcohol.
  2. Training for the campus community so that they will more readily identify current problems.
  3. An increase in the level of competency of intervention techniques in a manner that is caring and correct.
  4. Better referrals to appropriate agencies and follow up with needed support.
  5. A campus-based, user-friendly resource center housing specific, needed information.

The full description of the Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Program is available upon request to the Dean of Students 574.257.3530.

For information regarding our campus crime statistics
Campus Safety Office

You may also reference the Department of Education Campus Crime Statistics

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Right to and procedures for inspecting and reviewing a student’s educational records

  1. Right to and procedures for requesting amendment of a student’s education records
  2. Right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records
  3. Right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education
  4. Right to obtain a copy of the student records policy

Copies of the student records policy are available upon request from Student Financial Services.

Graduation Rate Information

Bethel College tracks graduation rates for those first-time, full-time students who enter the college during the fall term of each year. The rates represent the percentage of such students who finish within a time equivalent to 150% of the standard length of their program (i.e. – 6 years for a 4 year program). Cohorts of entering groups have been formed each year since fall term of 1996. Descriptions of those groups by sex and racial/ethnic background are now available. Reports are available to prospective and enrolled students by contacting the Center for Academic Success.

Equity in Athletics Report

This report is designed to make prospective students aware of a school’s commitment to providing equitable athletic opportunities for its men and women students. View the Equity in Athletics Report.

Athletic Graduation Rates

The figures are based on graduation rates with in a six-year period and then include the latest three years. For example all student athletes that enrolled at Bethel in 2006 would be counted as a graduate in the graduation rate if they had graduated on or before 2012.

Freshman cohort year 2004 2005 2006
Number of Freshmen on athletic scholarships 67 60 76
Number of Freshmen on scholarship who graduated in six years 39 38 53
Percentage of freshman on scholarship who graduated in six years 58% 63% 70%

Official School Cohort Default Rate

This website provides student loan default rate data for all colleges in the United States. View the Official School Cohort Default Rate