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Financial Aid

Alternative Application Instructions

  • Begin the application process by contacting the lender of your choice. Bethel College‚Äôs preferred lenders can be viewed here
  • Upon completing the application, your lender will send you an Application Disclosure.
  • You must complete, sign and mail a Self-Certification Form to your lender before your loan is processed. You can also obtain this form from your lender or the Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Once your loan has been approved, your lender will send you an Approval Disclosure. YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO ACCEPT THIS APPROVAL DISCLOSURE.
  • Upon acceptance of your loan, your lender will complete the loan processing and then send you a Final Disclosure.
  • Upon receipt of the Final Disclosure, you will have 3 days to cancel the loan before it is disbursed. To cancel the loan, you must contact your lender.