About the Missionary Church Historical Society

The Missionary Church Historical Society is an organization affiliated with the Missionary Church to help preserve its history and to stimulate interest in learning about the denomination's past. It was organized in March 1979 by Dr. Wayne Gerber, then Dean of Bethel College, and other interested persons. It has operated continuously since then. Members of the historical society are men and women from all walks of life who are interested in the history of the Missionary Church. Dr. Gerber has been president of the Society since its inception.

The purposes of the historical society are:

Membership in the historical society is open to any person who is interested in the purposes of the organization, and who is willing to pay an annual membership fee. The funds for operation are derived from membership dues and from gifts by outside organizations.

Meetings are held two times each year, usually at a site in Indiana. The public is invited to the meetings where some business is transacted, but the greater amount of time is given to a speaker on a subject of interest to the historical society.

The official publication of the historical society is the journal, Reflections, which is printed two times a year. Each member receives a subscription to the journal as a part of the annual dues payment. The journal may be sent to churches, libraries, and other organizations by annual subscription.

updated 10/8/2003