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Art Resources

Online Resources (free to All Users)

Art History Resources on the Web
Presents a collection of prehistoric, ancient, and Middle Ages art history resources, compiled by Chris Witcombe. Contain information about prehistoric art and art from the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Includes Minoan Crete and Mycenae, Etruscan, Early Christian, Byzantine, Islamic, Early Medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art. Provides information about early manuscripts. Links to other Web sites related to art in different time periods. (Source: WorldCat)
Provides information on the visual arts, performing arts, design, literature, music and film through an interconnected guide to the arts.'s mission is to curate the best arts and cultural content and products on the web. Information is organized by artist discipline and movements, allowing for the connections between artists and movements to be discovered. (Source: WorldCat)
Presents a directory of art resources on the Internet, created by John Malyon and searchable by movement, medium, subject, or artist name. Links to art museums and lists the top 30 sites for the month. Features a different print and book every month. "John Malyon, the creator of Artcyclopedia, says that he wants this site to become 'the definitive and most effective guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet.' It is certainly true that a lot has been accomplished in the short amount of time since this website first went online in February 1999. The number of entries has steadily grown to 80,000 works by 7000 different artists on 700 leading arts sites. The criterion for inclusion in the Artcyclopedia is that the artist must be included in an art museum collection somewhere in the world. The site's best search is by artist, but the user can also search for artworks, art museums, or browse by movement or medium. An artist search brings up links to online museums, image archives and articles about the artist. There are the ubiquitous links to and to purchase related merchandise, but otherwise the site is mercifully banner-free and the author pledges to keep it that way"--Reviewed Apr. 4, 2001. "Best Free Reference Web Sites 2001," RUSA Quarterly, Fall 2001. Comp. by the MARS Best Free Websites Committee, RUSA, ALA.(Source: WorldCat)
ArtLex: Art Dictionary
This site provides definitions for more than 3,300 terms used in discussing visual culture, along with numerous illustrations, pronunciation notes, quotations, and links to other resources on the Web. (Source: WorldCat)
A database of information about American artists, including names, birth and death dates, state or local affiliation, fields in which artist worked, book and periodical references to artist, dealers and museums where works may be viewed, auction prices of works, some biographical details, etc. Aims at being an unbiased source of information about the commercial value of each artist's work through a comprehensive system of comparables. Database began construction in 1983. "AskART, is 'dedicated to the creation and maintenance of the world's most comprehensive centralized database about American artists' and is 'committed to the inclusion of painters, sculptors, and illustrators.' The database contains detailed information on nearly 28,000 American artists and can be accessed through a name keyword search, an alphabetically arranged artist index, or by category on a more selective basis (e.g., California Artists, Hudson River School). Artist entries include a biography, information about museums that display their work, a bibliography of books and periodicals about the artist and a superb color image gallery. In addition to artist information, the web site also provides directories of museums, dealers, auction houses, and professional organizations and a glossary of art terms. Although AskART does offer fee-based services through optional registered membership, the content on the site's main page (e.g. artist and museum information) is free"--"Best Free Reference Web Sites 2003," RUSA Quarterly, Fall 2003; reviewed February 11, 2003. (Source: WorldCat)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
This site features an overview of the collections on display in the Museum's galleries, and a link to descriptions of educational opportunities for children, families, and teachers at the museum. (Source: WorldCat)
MoMA: the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Provides information on the museum and its collections, examples of art reproductions, and news on upcoming events. (Source: WorldCat)
Mother of All Art and Art History Links
A collection of links to selected international art history departments, museum, and exhibitions, image collections and other resources related to the study and teaching of art history. Includes links to bibliographies, databases and library catalogs covering the subject. Includes links to religious sites which are not necessarily directly art related. (Source: WorldCat)
The National Gallery of Art
Describes the National Gallery of Art, which houses one of the finest collections of the world illustrating Western European and American achievements in painting, sculpture, and the graphic arts fron the late Middle Ages to modern times.(Source: WorldCat)
Smithsonian Archives of American Art
Provides information on using the resources of the Archives, located in the Archives' Washington Center or its regional offices. Links to the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS). Some publications and finding aids are available online.(Source: WorldCat)
Tate Gallery
Features the Tate Gallery in London, England. Notes that the Tate Gallery houses the national collections of British art and international modern art. Provides access to major exhibitions currently at the Gallery. Links to the three separate galleries of the Tate Gallery in London, Liverpool and Saint Ives; mail orders; supporters information, and a visitors book. Posts contact information via mailing address and e-mail form. (Source: WorldCat)
The Web Gallery of Art
The Web Gallery of Art contains over 11,000 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800. A considerable number of the pictures are commented and biographies of the significant artists are given. A versatile search engine allows you to find pictures in the collection using various search criteria. A number of guided tours make it easier to visit the Gallery and to understand the artistic and historical relationship between different artworks and artists included in the collection. Such a collection of digital reproductions, containing a balanced mixture of interlinked visual and textual information, can serve multiple purposes. On one hand it can simply be a source of artistic enjoyment; a convenient alternative to visiting a distant museum, or an incentive to do just that. On the other hand, it can serve as a tool for public education both in schools and at home. (Source: website)