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Bowen Library

Maps & Atlases

Free Online Resource : U.S. maps & data
"A web-based portal for one-stop access to maps, data and other geospatial services." (Source: WorldCat)
Site includes an interactive atlas and driving directions for the United States. (Source: WorldCat)
Modern Language Association language map : a map of languages in the United States
Using data from the U.S. 2000 Census, this MLA site offers interactive mapping to show the density of speakers of thirty-seven languages and language groups. The Language Map illustrates the density of language speakers in zip codes and counties and allows comparisons between languages or states. The Data Center provides the numbers of speakers of languages in a specific state, county, zip code, metropolitan area, or town. The site provides data documentation with links and a Quick Tour for getting started. (Source: WorldCat)
National atlas of the United States of America
A largely digital resource designed to promote greater geographic awareness through the development and delivery of products that provide easy to use, map-like views of our natural and socio-cultural landscapes. (Source: WorldCat)