Watch Kathy Gribbin Make Cookies

Watch as Kathy Gribbin, Ph.D. (’76), shows Holly (Fry ’97) Young the proper way to make her famous chocolate chip cookies. Kathy is the vice president for Life Calling and Student Enrichment, and her cookies are well-known to students, alumni, and staff.

WARNING: Watching this video will make you want a cookie. Watch at your own risk.

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5 Responses to Watch Kathy Gribbin Make Cookies

  1. Luann Burlingame says:

    Kathy is still extremely funny! Holly and Kathy did a great job in this video…cute!

  2. Donna Fry says:

    Any chance you could print Kathy’s entire chocolate chip cookie recipe? I’ve heard about these cookies for 16 years!

    • Jaimee Thirion says:

      Hey Donna – We’ll ask Kathy about the recipe on Monday and post it.

    • Erin Kinzel says:

      Actually, the recipe is the same one from the back of the Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip bag! Here is a link: She does change the temperature that she bakes them – 300 degrees instead of the 350 listed on the recipe.

      One of my favorite quotes from the video is “It’s not a unique recipe – they’re just made in a unique way.” (Or something like that…) I was surprised that she mixes everything by hand and wonder if that makes a difference in how they turn out. I also wonder if baking them at a lower temperature (300 degrees) makes them taste different.

      Kathy would also say that you also MUST use Pillsbury flour, real butter, and real vanilla in order for them to turn out like hers. :)

  3. Gary Baney says:

    Many who have graced the halls of Boundless Flight, Inc. have enjoyed Kathy’s cookies. They are indeed the best! Holly and Kathy made an interesting pair – these two should be syndicated. LOL

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