Foursquare is the new dodgeball

One beautiful afternoon at the beginning of this semester, my boss (well, really, my boss’s boss) emailed to say that there was a group of guys playing foursquare on campus. He wondered if it might make an interesting photo or video.

I thought, “Really? A group of college guys? Playing FOURSQUARE?” This, I had to see.

I grabbed the video camera and made my way towards the heart of campus. As I approached I heard cheering and commotion, and then I saw them for myself. A group of about ten guys, all very engaged in their foursquare competition. One of them seemed particularly expressive, so I asked if I could interview him on video. You can watch the interview (along with footage of the players) below.

There is potential snow in the forecast this week so I doubt we’ll see more scenes like this until next spring. Unless, of course, they decide to create indoor intramural foursquare.

YouTube Preview Image

One Response to Foursquare is the new dodgeball

  1. Olivia says:

    We played four square all the time at a camp I worked at in Ireland this summer. I understand the excitement! It is a very intense game.

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