Shupe Flag To Spark War – Probably

They have a squirrel. We should have an acorn.

L to R: Tammi Kreis ('14), Elaina Gillin ('14), Ashlyn Orlosky ('14) and Elizabeth Foster ('14)

That was the thinking behind the creation of a large purple flag with a huge acorn on the front crafted by freshmen Tammi Kreis, Ashlynn Orlosky, Elaina Gillin and Elizabeth Foster.

For years the Oakwood-Slater freshmen men have proudly displayed a yellow flag with a squirrel in the entrance way of their residence hall. It’s also been stolen a few times, but somehow, one way or another, it’s always been returned.

On Oct. 2, Orlosky was teaching Kreis, Gillin and Foster  a dance to a song about waving flags. That’s when the idea sparked to make their own flag.

“Oh my goodness, we should make a Shupe flag,” said Orlosky.

Despite the fact that it was midnight, the four Shupe residents hopped in the car and headed to Walmart to buy materials. Then it was back to Shupe to iron on a large brown acorn with a  heart in the center onto the large purple flag.

“The heart was [Foster's] idea. It adds a good amount of girliness,” says Kreis with a big giggle.

I first learned about the flag from Kreis’ blog, which goes into much more detail about how the flag came into existence.

On October 31st the four girls debuted their flag at the annual Powder Puff game. (A huge tournament where it’s female class against female class. FYI – This year the junior class girls won.)

“That’s when we started waving our flag,” says Orlosky.

Since the big debut, the flag has been folded up in Gillin’s room, but Kreis says she’s going to take it home over Thanksgiving break and sew the edges. When break is over, the women plan to hang up the flag in the lobby of Shupe. Kreis says they plan to “boobytrap” the flag.

“We’re aware that it [stealing] might happen,” says Gillin.

They’re also aware that this flag will probably spark some wars with the Oakwood-Slater men, but that’s a chance the girls are willing to take. In fact, they say they might start the war. It’s just a matter of when.

Anybody have memories that involve the Oakwood-Slater flag? Feel free to share.

5 Responses to Shupe Flag To Spark War – Probably

  1. Travis Stanfill says:

    I have an interesting memory about the Oakwood flag. It was my sophomore year of college and I was living in Ramseyer Hall. It was just before Semester Break, so two of my three roommates had already left, and the one that was still there usually worked at night and didn’t get him til JUST before curfew. Well, the night before I was supposed to leave I went to bed roommate-less with a completely clean room. I awoke the next morning, stumbled dazedly out into the living room and plopped myself down on the couch….hello….there was a giant yellow flag propped up on the couch next to me. At first I thought I was dreaming, cause I KNOW the flag hadn’t been there when I went to bed earlier. I unfurled it, saw the giant black squirrel, realized it was the Oakwood flag, and came to the conclusion that there was an evil plot afoot. There was no sign that my roomy had been there, or any reason to believe HE would have taken the flag….so I decided that Ramseyer 304 would NOT get involved in this little flag tiff. So I grabbed the flag, opened my door and set it out in the hallway. About a half hour later, I was leaving my room to go to breakfast, and the flag was gone. I felt a fell wind blow through the hall that day….but it’s probably cause the window was wide open….but anyway, I don’t know what happened to the flag, or why it was in my room. Maybe my roommate was more mischevious then he let on, maybe the flag was unstuck in time, maybe it was aliens, maybe it was the effect of the conditioner that Engbrecht used in his beard that morning….who knows, it will forever be a mystery….until it gets solved, then it’ll be a good story to scare freshmen with on finals week….

  2. Jean Coalter says:

    Having been Dorm Mom in Shupe Hall back in ’81-’82 school year, I just want to give a yell of encouragement to the girls residing in Shupe Hall!!

  3. STP says:

    The flag will be ours!!!

  4. Dr. Beast says:

    I will own this flag.

  5. Emily says:

    Yay! You girls are awesome. Go Shupe :)

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