Art Show Creates Emotional Environment

Wow! Beautiful! Skillful! Lovely!

Those were just a few of the comments from patrons who recently visited Associate Professor in Art, Suzanne Mauro’s, installation “The Flower Girls,” which ran Nov. 18 to Dec. 18, 2010 in the Weaver Gallery.

Mauro says the goal was to transform the perception of the Weaver Gallery and to create an emotional environment. The pieces of the show (the actual flower girls) visually interacted and worked together rather than acting as independent sculptures viewed separately.

“The inspiration of the show has many sources, my two girls, memories of my own childhood, creation and spiritual formation. My work is all ceramic, but I have been specifically researching slip-cast fabric,” says Mauro.

Mauro grew up in South Bend, Ind. She graduated from Purdue University with a B.A. in Fine Arts with a minor in psychology in 1999. She attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated in May 2003 with an M.F.A. in studio art concentrating in ceramic sculpture. After completing graduate school, Suzanne attended St. Mary’s of-the-Woods College where she earned her Indiana State Teaching License. She spent four years teaching art to students in the South Bend Community School Corporation. Suzanne teaches a variety of classes at Bethel including ceramics, 3-D design, drawing and art education for elementary school teachers.

See “The Flower Girls.”

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Here’s one review from Joyce D. Carpenter, artist in clay:

Suzanne Mauro’s ceramic work is enchanting  and haunting. The creation and detail of these stunning and fragile clay dresses and  the skillful way they are made  piques one’s curiosity and appreciation.  The skill of the artist is evident. To see these garments poised in this fragile condition is not what one normally expects of clay—they float in the air. The art of slip-casting in this work illustrates how lovely but fragile a clay medium can be. The casual viewer does not expect to see clay presented in this ethereal way. Suzanne labored for many years to perfect this process; it is impressive.  The surprise is that it can be done at all.

This kind of presentation provokes different reactions from different observers, even a variety of emotional responses. The range of emotions spans nostalgia, sadness, curiosity, joy, appreciation, amazement and sweetness to name a few. It is a joy and privilege to view and contemplate this work of art.

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2 Responses to Art Show Creates Emotional Environment

  1. David Pepin says:

    I’ve been one of Suzanne’s student here at Bethel for a couple years now and her joy and passion always come through her work and her teaching ability. I got to see her exhibit and was extremely moved by the placement of the dresses, accompanied by the ceramic rose petals on the floor.

  2. Suzanne’s exhibits and teaching abilities are so good, I am a graduate of Bethel and always look forward to seeing her designs.

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