Fun Freshmen Facts

It’s always fun each year to find out final fall enrollment numbers for Bethel. The official headcount for graduate, traditional and nontraditional students will come in October, but in the meantime we’d like to share a few fun facts about our newest class of traditional freshmen. Over 280 of them have arrived on campus and began classes on August 25. Here are a few bits of trivia that we hope will peak your interest.


Female                                                             56%

Male                                                                  44%

Average Distance from College             205 miles

Furthest Distance from College             5,297 miles

Number of states represented              20 and Puerto Rico

Countries Represented                             7 – Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Myanmar, Thailand, USA

Average G.P.A.                                             3.261

4 Responses to Fun Freshmen Facts

  1. David Phipps says:

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    Freshmen from seven countries and six are listed.

    What’s #7?

  2. Esther Matteson says:

    Intereting. I do have two friends who brought their children this fall, who have lived for many years in Kathmandu, Nepal, and St. Petersburg, Russia. That’s where their children were raised…. but those countries don’t show up in the list of countries represented. ??? It would make your stats even more interesting!

    –Esther Matteson

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