Finding His Way Through Philosophy

Christopher Copan Scott (’15) values his education — perhaps more than most. That’s because, for a time, the opportunity to go to school was taken from him.

When he was a junior in high school, a job loss left Scott’s mother unable to pay for his schooling or their home. It wasn’t long before she faced foreclosure and asked Scott to leave.

Instead of letting his circumstances get him down, Scott used them as an opportunity to learn. He began pouring himself into the study of philosophy. At church, he connected with a philosophy professor, who took him in as a son. This professor connected him to Bethel and Professor of Philosophy Chad Meister, Ph.D. Scott was accepted into the Bethel Undergraduate Intellectual Leadership Development (BUILD) honors program and is majoring in philosophy.

“Bethel affords me the academic and spiritual flourishing that I need at this time in my life,” Scott says.

And not only has he found challenging academics at Bethel, Scott has also found a spirited community.

Watch more on Scott’s story below.

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