The Presidential Legacy of Bethel College

In the fall of 1947, Bethel College opened its doors to nearly 100 students with The Reverend Woodrow I. Goodman as the school’s first president. In 65 years, five more presidents and one interim president followed. Take a look back through time and discover each Bethel president’s legacy.

Click on a president’s photo to read his full biography and leave comments about your memories of him.

The Rev. Woodrow I. Goodman, D.D., Lit.D. – President from 1947-1959

The Rev. Ray P. Pannabecker, D.D. – President from 1959-1974

The Rev. Albert J. Beutler, Ph.D. – President from 1974-1982

The Rev. James A. Bennett, Ph.D. – President from 1982-1988

Walter L. Weldy – President from 1988-1989

Norman V. Bridges, Ph.D. – President from 1989-2004

Steven R. Cramer, Ph.D. – President from 2004-



2 Responses to The Presidential Legacy of Bethel College

  1. Donald W. Goodman says:

    Thank you for this highlight of Woodrow Goodman’s leadership time at Bethel College. I recall visiting the campus during the initial construction period. Uncle Woody took my dad/his brother Watson and I for a campus tour. We climbed a high ladder to explore the second storey. When it came to coming down that same ladder, my little 4-yr old heart was beating mightily. Uncle Woody pulled over a contraption there was to pull building matertials by pulley, and seated me gently in the middle where I could hold onto the rope with both hands, then lowered me down to the ground. What a wonderful memory of a great & gentle man showing love and concern. Thanks again for the article.

  2. Louboutin says:

    Thank you for this highlight of Woodrow Goodman’s leadership time

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