GREATer for the Greater Glory of God

On Feb. 24, Bethel internally launched GREATer, the first phase of the grand aspiration announced by President Gregg A. Chenoweth, Ph.D., during his inauguration last November. With the goal of becoming a top five most influential Wesleyan college in America by 2022, the first five years of the campaign focus on five specific priorities: growth, revival, encore, aesthetics and testify (G R E A T). By the end of January, each department on campus had created an action plan detailing how their specific department will support the aspiration. Here are just a few examples.

Bethel’s goal is to grow by 1,000 students — 200 traditional and 800 adult and graduate students. Here are some of the ways we’re accomplishing this:

Bethel is creating conditions for revival on campus, living in expectancy that God will move, by:

Faculty and staff came together in corporate prayer to close the GREATer launch. As President Chenoweth said, “We believe this agenda to be Godward, living in spiritual law. If it’s God’s, it will thrive.”

Bethel is striving for an encore, serving our constituents so well that they’re left wanting more. We aim to accomplish this by:

Bethel is working toward improving our aesthetics on campus to reflect our best self, maximizing our service and our impact.

At Bethel, we’re testifying to who we are and what God can accomplish through us.


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