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Bethel College Named National Campus Champion for Operational Excellence

Bethel College has been named a national Campus Champion for operational excellence by SchoolDude, the market leader in education enterprise asset management, serving more than 6,000 educational institutions and more than 1 million educational professionals.

Campus Champions exemplify excellence in the stewardship of school resources. Individuals and institutions are selected annually to recognize top performers among their peers. By adopting industry best practices and leading teams, Campus Champions generate savings in both time and money for their schools through efficient and effective management of facilities and operations.

Steve Yaw, director physical plant for Bethel College, is a Campus Champion for excellence in energy management. “SchoolDude provides visibility into our utility use and the tools for conservation programs that save money and enable us to be good stewards of our resources,” he said.

SchoolDude analyzed more than 75 terabytes of data from more than 6,000 educational institutions to measure performance and identify the top performers. The selection as a Campus Champion is a testament to saving significant money and time. Campus Champions help everyone in their schools get work completed faster and more efficiently, eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing productivity.

Though every school is different, the common best practices among all of the Energy Campus Champions was that:

  • Tracking utility bills for increased visibility into energy spend.
  • Reduction of energy costs can occur faster by implementing a conservation program

The average utility costs for education buildings in the United States are $250 per student each year. Consider that the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency state that by tracking utility bills and implementing simple conservation efforts, costs can be reduced from 5 percent to 10 percent. For a 5,000 student school district, the annual utility budget would be $1.25 million. Saving just 5 percent of that translates into $62,500, while saving 10 percent equates to $125,000.

“Excellence is a journey, not a destination,” said SchoolDude President Lee Prevost. “The ongoing excellence achieved by our Campus Champions highlight their best practices. In an increasingly challenging environment, Campus Champions have embraced the power of technology to improve school operations. A dollar saved in operations is a dollar more for education. As Campus Champions, they are helping their schools and their peers across the nation best apply education resources for everyone.”

SchoolDude’s cloud-based services streamline maintenance and information technology help desks for a school’s entire operations including facility management, community use of schools, IT helpdesk and asset management, and management of energy consumption and transportation resources. Across the nation, a work order, event or IT issue is submitted to SchoolDude every second of every day. Increased productivity is achieved through web-based tools that faculty, staff and students can easily use.