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Four Year Career Plan


First Year -- Discover

  • Take Strengths Quest assessment test
  • Identify your interests, abilities, skills and values—all key in choosing your career path
  • Research occupations and potential career options
  • Talk to faculty and explore majors supporting your career interests
  • Get involved on and off campus
  • Do your best academic work
  • Register on Bethel’s Online Job Board for access to part-time, full-time, and internship positions
  • Choose summer job in potential career area

Sophomore Year -- Explore

  • Take Career Direct assessment
  • Join student organizations and professional associations matching your career interests
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals currently working in your field
  • Volunteer your services in your community or local church – GREAT résumé enhancer
  • Create résumé following our Résumé Packet suggestions
  • Upload your résumé to Bethel’s Online Job Board – keep in mind, initial résumés need to be approved by Career Services before it is active
  • Research internship opportunities by talking to your academic advisor, exploring  Career Resources, search database on Bethel’s Online Job Board, and meeting with our Internship Coordinator
  • Line up internship at least one semester ahead of when you want to do internship (i.e., start internship search in late fall for summer internship)
  • Gain career related work or volunteer experience to clarify career choice

Junior Year -- Experience

  • Do at least one internship in your career field – perfect time to start is summer between sophomore and junior year
  • Decide if graduate school is in your future to reach your career goals
  • Visit potential grad schools and find out their application deadlines and requirements
  • Increase participation in student organizations by serving in leadership roles
  • Update your résumé with each new job you hold and/or student organization you join
  • Send your résumé to to be critiqued
  • Make suggested revisions to your résumé and upload revised version to Online Job Board
  • Cultivate relationships with professors and employers who can serve as future references
  • Take practice test for grad school
  • Learn appropriate attire for recruiting events and start saving toward your interview suit
  • Attend career fairs and other events to explore internship options and network with employers in your area

Senior Year -- Transition

  • Purchase business professional interview outfit and shoes
  • Meet with advisor early in academic year to ensure you are on track for graduation
  • Identify professionals who are willing to serve as references and write letters of recommendation
  • Complete applications by deadline for grad school
  • Engage in active job search early in fall semester
  • Create profile on to expand your professional network
  • Tailor your résumé and cover letter to each full-time position for which you apply
  • Participate in career fairs and other related events to build your network of contacts in your field of interest
  • Send thank you notes to employers within 24 hours of interviewing