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Resume Packets

Need to whip up a résumé or blow new life into an older version?  Then do yourself a favor and check out Résumé 101 for tips to simplify the process. Would samples be helpful?  Then check out the résumé samples by major residing in the mini packets below.

Did you know you could use Word OR our software program OPTIMAL RESUME to do your résumé?

Would you like us to edit your résumé once you have completed your rough draft and all updates have been made?  Then check out Résumé 101 on how to get it into our hands!

Mini Packets

Résumé 101

Accounting and Finance Samples

American Sign Language Samples

Business Samples

Curriculum Vitae Samples

Education Samples

Humanities Samples

Liberal Arts Samples

Ministry Samples

Nursing Samples

Organizational Management Samples

Psychology Samples

Sciences Samples

Sports Management and Exercise Science Samples

Hear from the Experts

They are one of the key selling points to a recruiter!  You only have seconds to stand out to a recruiter!  Make sure your resume and cover letter make a lasting impression.

Companies use keywords to weed out resumes. Learn how to beat the odds, so your resume moves ahead.

10 seconds… that's all you may get to make an impression on an employer. Know how to craft your resume to stand out.