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Student Web Procedures

The Bethel Student Web site allows you to access information from the Registrar, Student Services, Financial Aid and Business offices. You are able to access this site from any computer that has Internet access…and this access continues even after you leave Bethel College.

If there are any errors, corrections or additions that need to be made you will still need to contact the appropriate offices at Bethel.

If you are accessing this site from off campus and have problems with viewing or printing, please contact the Registrar's Office at extension 3302.

When you are finished accessing your information, you must close out the browser by going to File then Exit…. OR by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner. Just going back to the Bethel Home page does not clear your access codes from the Student Web Site. If the browser is left open, anyone can get on and enter your record.

To Login:

  • Login Username : first.last (same as your email/network login) or Student ID number if account created prior to April 20, 2007
  • Initial Password: First 5 digits of SSN (Last 4 digits of SSN if created prior to May 2005


  1. At the right of many of the pages, under "Current Options", click the "Set Options" button.
  2. Click on the program that you are in GRAD or UNDG (Undergrad).
  3. Click on the semester that you want the information for.
  4. Click on the year field and enter the year
  5. Click "submit options"
    This will pull all your information for the submitted session and year
    ALWAYS CHECK TO SEE WHAT SESSION AND YEAR YOU ARE IN. This can be changed on each page you access..


  1. Under the “Personal” drop down.
  2. Click on "Change Password"
  3. Click on "Old Password" field and enter the password you used to access the Student Web pages.
  4. Tab to "New Password" field and enter a password that is at least 4 letters/numbers and no more than 8 letters/numbers.

If you forget your password, go to the Student Life web page, click on Student Web and then click on the link for forgotten passwords. Your password will be E-mailed to your Bethel E-mail account. NOTE: Your new password will go into effect the next day.


Always check session and year settings.

  • Holds
  • Biographical Information
  • High School information
  • Proficiency information
  • Test scores (SAT,ACT, etc.)
  • Other Addresses
  • Employment information if available
  • Housing Information
  1. Holds

    These are system holds placed on a student by Financial Aid, Business Office, Student Development, and the Registrar for business account problems, for missing information in the student academic file or student health file. The system will not allow students with holds to register or to receive a transcript and sometimes a grade card.

  2. Other Addresses

    The address and phone number of the parent appears as the main address for a traditional student. If the student is living off campus for the semester, "Other Address" will give their local address. This will also give their e-mail address. This will sometimes show their business address and phone number.

  3. Employment

    Current employment information if available.

  4. Exams

    This will show the student's SAT/ACT test scores. This will also tell if the student has met proficiency in Verbal, Math, Reading, and Computer.

    • "0" = proficiency has not been met
    • "1" = proficiency has been met
    • "9" = exempt from meeting proficiency
  5. Education

    This will show their high school information, and any colleges attended and degrees.

  6. Housing and Services

    This will show campus housing info. (Currently the system is not recognizing your campus mailbox. This will be corrected in the near future.) Chapel requirements will also be available here. (M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday)

Student Schedule

This will bring up your student's schedule according the settings at the bottom. Clicking on the professor's e-mail button automatically sets up the e-mail address to the professor of this class.  You may also choose to view the schedule without textbooks or with a spreadsheet layout with dates and times.


Check what session and year you are in

This will pull your grades for the semester requested. This will also show the stats for the semester.

GPA Projection

This is just a tool for you to use to figure out your Grade Point Average (GPA) for the current session.

  • Make sure you are in the correct session and year (scroll to the bottom of the screen to set). All courses that are not currently graded will show up.
  • Using the down arrow next to each box, pull a list of available choices for the course. Some courses are P/NP and some are letter grades.
  • After you have entered an anticipated grade for each course, push the "Submit" button.
  • Scroll down to see the Actual Cumulative, Projected Cumulative and Projected Session.
  • You can repeat this as often as you like.

Academic Record

Clicking this will access your Academic Record; all courses listed on your transcript which were taken at Bethel and courses transferred in from another college. This is NOT A TRANSCRIPT and will not be accepted by other schools as a transcript. It will show you CUMULATIVES stats but currently it is not showing stats per session. Print by hitting the print icon button at the top of screen.

Course Schedule

Listing of courses organized by Division and Department for courses offered for a specific session and year. Information included is Course Number, Section Number, Course Title, Credit Hours, Instructor, Meeting Times and Room. If a course is closed, the course number and the word closed will appear in red.

Course Catalog

Alphabetic list of courses subjects. Click on course subject and it will show you the courses offered for that semester for the subject (ex: Bible). Click on the individual course (ex: New Testament Lit) and it will give you times, days, instructor, registration limit, actual registration, requirements, textbooks. Description of courses is not currently available. They have not been typed into the system.

Financial Services

After you click on this blue button, make sure you set the proper session and year. Here you can see what aid is been offered to you and the status of that aid. You can also see what documents the Financial Aid office still needs from you. Also available are your account statement, award letter, and other useful documents.  You are also able to pay on your student account with a credit card.


If you are having trouble printing a page these are things to try.

  1. Try adjusting the margins in print preview as some pages are wider than the standard margin size.


E-mail is an effective way for communication to occur on campus. Each individual has been provided with an E-mail account. You have the ability to access this E-mail account from any Internet connected computer by going to and entering your login and password.

When a faculty needs to contact his whole class, he now has the option of E-mailing the whole class at once via the Faculty Web site.

If you are having trouble with your e-mail, please call Information Technology at extension 7777.

Further Assistance

If you have any problems with the Student Web site, call the Registrar's Office at extension 3302.