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Offices & Services

Faculty/Staff Information

Mailroom Services Provided

  • Certified with return receipt
  • Priority—takes two-three days, except over holidays
  • Book rate

*Note - Next-day must be taken to the post office.
**Note - Mailroom can only send insured mail via UPS.

UPS Information Needed

  1. Name of person and the department mailing the package
  2. Name of recipient
  3. "Attention to" information
  4. Address
  5. If international—MUST have a phone number.
  6. Insured value: (if insurance is desired)
    *Note—UPS insurance up-to $100 included
    **Note—Additional insurance is $0.35 per $100
  7. Signature required (if a recipient's signature is desired)
  8. *Note---$1.00 additional charge per item

UPS Services

  1. Next day early a.m. *MOST EXPENSIVE
  2. Next day air
  3. Next day air saver
  4. 2nd day air a.m.
  5. 2nd day air

*Note-one-five days for delivery, depending upon destination.


  1. Zip codes must be on all outgoing mail.
  2. No surprise objects (buttons, clips, pencils, etc.).
  3. Envelopes containing nonmeterable material should be marked "HAND CANCEL".
  4. Do not place scotch tape or plastic in the upper right hand corner where postage is affixed.
  5. Be sure complete address is on envelope or is showing through the window.
  6. Put department initials in return address corner so that returned mail can be sent to the correct department.
  7. Please flap outgoing mail (all flaps are standing up).
  8. Please separate mail by:
    • Outgoing international
    • Special handling
    • On-campus
  9. Organize mail according to contents (envelopes containing the same material group together)
  10. Remember special handling mail such as UPS require additional information in order to be able to send it.
  11. Please check our web site for the information that is needed, or contact the mailroom if you have any questions.


If the office to which the mail is to be delivered is closed and locked, the mail will be taken back to the mailroom. Mail not ready for pickup may be delivered to the mailroom by 3:45 p.m. for that day's outgoing mail.

All large mailings, 100 items or more, require a notice to the mailroom supervisor. This will allow time to make necessary arrangements for postage on the postage meter.