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Web Policy

Mission of Bethel College Web Site

To enhance communication and promote Bethel College through easy-to-use and well-maintained online resources with a primary focus on college constituents in this order:

  • Prospective students (traditional, nontraditional, graduate)
  • Current students (traditional, nontraditional, graduate)
  • Donors/supporters of the college
  • Alumni
  • Other student influencers (parents, pastors, secondary schools)
  • Administrators, faculty and staff
  • News media


  • To support the college’s overall strategic plan and strategic marketing plan.
  • To serve as a primary communication tool for the Bethel constituents noted.
  • To support the recruitment and enrollment of qualified students.
  • To communicate the Bethel experience.
  • To enhance online communication between Bethel (faculty, staff, current students) and prospective students.
  • To promote campus activities, schedules, news and events.
  • To promote the college as a national leader in higher education with Christ at the center.
  • To market and enhance the Bethel College identity in an accurate and positive manner.
  • To optimize the usability and accessibility of Web-based information utilizing available Web tools creating an active and dynamic site with current information and images.
  • To efficiently integrate with other Web-based campus resources.
  • To embrace new technology standards allowing Bethel College’s online presence and electronic communications to evolve in parallel with that of the school’s peer institutions.
  • To make sure the same quality and high standards of print publications carries over to published Web information.


This Web policy applies to all information published to Bethel College public Web servers (including information accessible via HTTP, HTTPS or related new media transfer protocols.) Included under this policy are:

  • Publically accessible information residing on any public Web server that is owned and or maintained by any Bethel College school or department.
  • Official Bethel information published under the domain or under any third level derivative that is publicly accessible (i.e.:
  • Any information under the direction of, or recognized as official content of a Bethel College school, department, organization or individual.
  • Web content using the Bethel College logo or trademarks, unless otherwise approved by the public relations department.

Appropriate Use

The use of Bethel College computing and communications resources including disk storage, posting to campus Web servers and hyperlinks from college pages is a privilege. These privileges can be revoked if misused or abused. Web activities, applications and information must be consistent with all college policies and practices.

Quality and Content Standards

Content posters must adhere to U.S. and international copyright policies and will be held responsible for meeting all legal requirements. All Bethel College-owned content shall remain the exclusive property of Bethel College and may not be copyrighted or used by any individual or entity other than Bethel College without the expressed written consent of Bethel College.

Content Organization for the Bethel College Public Web Sites

College Main Pages are the main entrances and organizational communication areas of the Bethel College public Web site. Information Technology (IT), in collaboration with the Department of Communications and Marketing (DCM), is responsible for the content of these sections. These pages must follow the Bethel College Web Design Guidelines document. Sections include:

  • Home page
  • About Bethel
  • Academics
  • Admission
  • Alumni
  • Athletics
  • Events
  • Student Life
  • Campus Services
  • Giving
  • News and press releases
  • Event calendar
  • Contact
  • Site maps
  • Site search engine
  • School and Department Pages are the public Web pages that contain information about academic departments, administrative offices, programs, events, etc., of the college. The content of these pages is the responsibility of the designated contact within each school or department. These pages may be monitored periodically for compliance with college policies and conformity with professional norms of content and presentation. Prior to being published on the Web site, all sponsored pages must undergo editorial and technical review.

Specialty Web Pages are pages designed to support unique college projects, resources or events that have a high degree of autonomy with the college. These pages MUST be approved by the Bethel Digital Information Policy Committee on a case-by-case basis. For those interested in creating a Web specialty web page, please meet with the Digital Information Policy Committee first. Then submit a proposal including the design concept, functionality, projected outcomes and approval of your dean or director. The Digital Information Policy Committee will consider several things during the review process including: return on investment; missional value as related to the Web site mission (noted above), college strategic plan and strategic marketing plan; and artistic value.

Personal Web Pages

Personal Web Pages are pages not managed by a school or department that are designed, published and maintained as an academic or informational tool by individual faculty or staff of Bethel College. Official Bethel College directory pages MAY include a link to access these personal pages (as determined by the Digital Information Policy Committee.) Links to personal pages from the official Bethel public site are required to open in a new browser window. These pages do not have to comply with the Web Design Guidelines document; however, their content and creation must be compliant with all college policies.

The college assumes no responsibility for these personal home pages, for the links from these pages, or for material in sites linked to the university's official pages. However, should a complaint arise about material in a personal home page on the Web, access to that material might be suspended pending further examination and consideration of these materials in light of Web guidelines.

If personal pages are hosted on a Bethel server, A FOOTER DISCLAIMER MUST ACCOMPANY the first personal Web page (home page) and any other page that serves as an entry point. The disclaimer should state:

The views and opinions expressed in these pages are strictly those of (the page author). The content of these pages has not been reviewed or approved by Bethel College.

In addition, no commercial or nonprofit business endeavors are to be conducted through personal pages hosted on Bethel servers.

Web pages or sections that do not fall into any of the above categories should be presented to the Digital Information Policy Committee for review.

Social Media

Bethel Social Media Guidelines have been established for those who are using Facebook, Twitter, etc. on behalf of Bethel College. Please contact DCM BEFORE you create any social media accounts related to Bethel.

Policy Distribution

This Digital Information Policy Board is a working document. This Web policy governs all who are given and accept access to Bethel College’s WWW servers.

For questions regarding this policy, please contact the Digital Information Policy Committee via e-mail at

Updated 11/10/09