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About the Writing Center

What is the Bethel College Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a service provided by Bethel College to all traditional and nontraditional students. The mission of the Writing Center is to assist in the process of Making Good Writers Better. The Writing Center endeavors to:

  • encourage students and faculty to enhance writing and revising practices in order to improve as writers
  • promote proficiency and process-based writing across the curriculum
  • promote critical thinking and idea exploration
  • support the process of writing research essays or articles across campus

When you come to the Center, it is a good idea to decide what kind of help you want. A trained writing consultant will work with you in one session, or over several sessions, to meet the goals of your assignment or project. By discussing your writing with another person, you will be able to focus on the areas you want to improve. In the process, your writing will improve. Every writer can be a better writer.

Keep in mind that you as a student are responsible for the quality and correctness of the finished paper. Writing consultants assist in the process of responding to a writing assignment and offer counsel through questions, but they are not authorized to make any wholesale corrections in content, purpose, structure or style and grammar (in other words, the writing consultants are not editors!).