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Student Life

Billy Kirk Bios

Meet a few of the current members below and see what they have to say about The Rev. Billy Kirk Scholar Leadership Program.

Biak Sui

NAME: Biak Sui

HOMETOWN: KhuaBung, Hakha (Chin State), Burma (Myanmar) - Indianapolis, Ind.

MAJOR: Undecided

“The Billy Kirk program is good for people who want to become leaders, and it's a gift from God. This program helps me see my vision for leadership and also helps me grow spiritually.”

Anna Erdel

NAME: Anna Erdel

HOMETOWN: Mishawaka, Ind./Lisbon, Portugal

MAJOR: International Business

“Through the Billy Kirk program, I have not only made  great friends, but each day I am learning to strive to be the kind of leader that God wants me to be. It has made me appreciate coming from a background of different cultures even more, because I feel that I can relate to all kinds of people in some way or another.”

Emily Maceda Leon

NAME: Emily Maceda Leon

HOMETOWN: Elkhart, Ind.

MAJOR: Art Education

“Through the Billy Kirk program I've discovered what it means to passionately serve others not only as a minority leader, but also as a child of God. I've learned the importance of knowing my identity in Christ and that we were all created extra-ordinary. Knowing this has both inspired and challenged me to go all out for Christ."

 Jordan Holmes

NAME: Jordan Holmes

HOMETOWN: Lansing, Mich.

MAJOR: History/Humanities

“I have loved my time as a Billy Kirk scholar. It has helped me grow as a leader and a better person."