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Student Life


Each year 10-12 freshmen are accepted into the BUILD program. Meet a few of the current members below and see what they have to say about BUILD.

Luke Eichorn

NAME: Luke Eichorn


MAJOR: Nursing

“The BUILD program is a great way for students to apply leadership to whatever gifts God has given them.”

Taylor Davis

NAME: Taylor Davis

HOMETOWN: Waukesha, WI

MAJOR: Communications

“Involvement in BUILD is enriching not only from an academic standpoint, but also enriching in my spiritual journey. It’s a great way to fellowship and learn with other young Christians.”

Brandon Gerig

NAME: Brandon Gerig

HOMETOWN: Fort Wayne, IN/St. Petersburg, Russia (as an MK)

MAJOR: International Business

“BUILD provides a strong support group of like-minded peers to get to know, spend time with, and help you adjust to college life.”  

 Hannah BirkyNAME: Hannah Birky


MAJOR: Cell and Molecular Biology

“At our meetings, we discuss current world, national and local events, which gives us plenty of opportunities for some interesting (and sometimes heated!) debates. This group is anything but boring, and we’ve grown to be quite good friends.”

Katie Sutula

NAME: Katie Sutula

HOMETOWN: Loveland, CO

MAJOR: Music Education

“This program is much more than a group of "smart" kids trading big words. BUILD is an incredible opportunity that will provide you with leadership skills and help you to think beyond yourself.”