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Student Life

Cross Cultural Opportunities

Bethel College has a global vision for its students to not only learn about the world, but also to go abroad, experience new cultures, and serve others. Bethel College is affiliated with the Missionary Church and World Partners through which many students and graduates have served in various countries throughout the world. Below are a number of opportunities for cross-cultural ministry both on-campus and through various programs overseas.

Study Abroad

Bethel College offers many Semester Abroad and Summer Travel Programs that allow students to gain an international perspective while also earning academic credit.

Task Force Service Teams

Short-term teams composed of students that exist to go and serve others.

Summer International Institute

Pre-field orientation at Bethel College prepares students for the Summer International Internships.

Summer International Internships

Earn academic credit while serving for 6 to 8 weeks in established ministries through World Partners.

Intercultural Studies Major