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Student Life

Missions Discipleship House

These “houses” consist of a maximum of 10 students per house (a men’s house and a women’s house) who are committed to live and to work together for a period of one school year for the purpose of spiritual growth and training for missionary service. Students are recruited each spring for the following fall and spring semesters. The houses are open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are interested in missions and who complete the application and interview process.

Time Commitment

A 5-hour per week commitment to training (beyond a student’s normal class load) is required. These 5 hours are divided as follows:

  • 2 hours per week in a house meeting,
  • 1 hour per week in one-on-one mentoring with the missionaries-in-residence (the guys with Bill Jones, the gals with Debbie Jones),
  • 1 hour a week involvement with Kingdom Mobilizers (Bethel’s Student Mission Fellowship),
  • and 1 hour per week involvement in various service projects.

House Meetings

The weekly “house meetings” focus on practical information and instruction related to life on the mission field. Topics such as:

  1. building a prayer base and communication with supporters,
  2. dealing with spiritual conflict and warfare,
  3. the importance of time alone with God and the devotional life of the missionary,
  4. team building and conflict resolution,
  5. overcoming culture shock and other cross-cultural issues,
  6. the basics of evangelism,
  7. and
  8. raising and educating missionary children.

We view many other topics during the school year, but these should give you an idea of the types of topics touched upon.


The weekly “one-on-one mentoring” times with Debbie and Bill focus on such areas as:

  1. Actually building a prayer warrior base and beginning communication with them,
  2. Dealing with spiritual and emotional “baggage” from the past that might be a hindrance to future service on the field,
  3. Developing the ability to share a clear testimony and a clear gospel presentation,
  4. Devotional and Bible study accountability,
  5. Issues related to making application to a mission organization (debt reduction, theological assessments, etc), and
  6. Clarification of the “call” to mission service.

Again, this list is not exhaustive but should give you a general idea of what is covered on a one-on-one basis.

Missions/Discipleship House Retreat

Each semester begins with a “Missions/Discipleship House Retreat” at Bethel’s Dewart Lake Retreat Center. The purpose of this time is for bonding and further training. Each student also receives his own personal “tool box” at the beginning of the school year. This “tool box” is a filing system to keep various notes and handouts related to the topics that are covered. These “tools” can be used in future ministry.

Kingdom Mobilizers

The students of the Missions/Discipleship Houses serve as the “core group” for Kingdom Mobilizers (Bethel’s Student Mission Fellowship). As such, they are responsible for helping increase mission’s awareness on the Bethel campus through the weekly meetings of this student organization. Not only do those in the house reach out and seek to “mentor” other students who are interested in missions, but they are also involved in the planning and preparation of various Kingdom Mobilizer meetings.

Service Projects

Service projects of the Missions/Discipleship House include:

  1. helping with the logistics of the World Christian Action Conference (WCAC – Bethel’s yearly Mission’s Conference),
  2. doing “Surveys of Student Religious Opinion” on other local university campuses,
  3. promoting Bethel’s Adopt-A-People Group (the Yanomamo Indians) through prayer concerts and other means,
  4. and mobilizing other Bethel students for involvement in missions through Kingdom Mobilizers and personal mentoring.

The Goal

The overall objective of the Missions/Discipleship House is to better prepare Bethel students for involvement in global missions and to increase missions awareness on the Bethel campus.