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Task Force Teams

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A Task Force is a team of dedicated Bethel College students sacrificing personal time and energy to serve on a short-term missions encounter.

The purpose of the Bethel College Task Force program is to give students the opportunity to develop a servant's heart through a first-hand, culturally diverse ministry experience.

Each year Bethel College commissions several student TASK FORCE teams to assist in the building of God's Kingdom around the world. This exposure aids students in the development of a world view from a Christian perspective.

What Does a Task Force Do?

Task Force teams are divided into three categories:

  1. Work and Witness Teams…

    primarily work on building projects overseas or in the U.S. In addition to physical labor, students have the opportunity to evangelize one-on-one and to develop personal relationships with nationals.

  2. Evangelism Teams…

    are geared toward cross-cultural evangelism. Student groups use a variety of means to share the Gospel in other cultures – athletic competition, music, drama, street witnessing, etc.

  3. C.A.R.E. Teams…

    provide underprivleged children in the local area with a Christian big brother or sister. Students "adopt" a little brother or sister for a semester of longer and spend at least one hour per week with the child.

Who Qualifies to be on a Task Force?

Any Bethel College student who meets the following qualifications is eligible to be on a Task Force:

  • Must demonstrate a right relationship with God and a genuine desire to serve Him.
  • Must be in good health.
  • Must be able to devote the necessary time for orientation and participation in all planned activities of the Task Force.
  • Must be able to raise own financial support. (The College will assist in giving direction in this endeavor.)
  • Must be flexible and willing to grow, as Task Force participants will be called upon to work, eat, and worship in new and different ways.

I'm Interested! What Can I Do?

  • Pray for direction.
  • Complete the interest card and return it to the Student Development Office.
  • Talk with Student Development personnel.
  • Talk with your pastor about your desire to minister and share with him your need for support.