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Student Life

Request or Host a Group


  1. The groups present a variety of contemporary music, hymns, and traditional gospel songs along with testimonies, scripture and congregational songs.
  2. Our programs are flexible in order to fit individual ministry opportunities. We can provide 20 minutes of special music or an entire service.
  3. Your Bethel Team’s program will offer a unique opportunity for community outreach. It can be an effective tool for inviting people to your church that might not come otherwise.
  4. At Bethel, Christian service is an integral part of our student’s education. Our groups are selected, equipped and trained in the skills needed for ministry.
  5. Music Ministry Team provides a chance for Bethel students to exalt Christ and point others to Him as Savior and Lord while maturing in their faith and stewardship. By hosting a group, you are performing a valuable service to our students as well as your church and community.

To Request a Group:

  • Please contact the Music Ministry Team Coordinator ( or call 574.807.7824
  • Our Music Ministry Team Coordinator will contact you soon!
  • Once a date has been agreed upon, an agreement letter will be e-mailed immediately to you. Please do not "officially" count on a team until you receive your agreement email.
  • Please fill out the agreement form, sign and return within two weeks.
  • Approximately 4–6 weeks in advance of the scheduled concert, you will receive your requested publicity information (posters, PowerPoint slides and/or half sheet insert).
  • Approximately 2 weeks in advance the Music Ministry Team Coordinator will contact you to go over last minute details and the schedule.