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Student Life

Join a Music Ministry Team


  • Opportunity to share Christ and what He is doing at Bethel
  • Help pay for College - Scholarships Awarded
  • Travel – meals and lodging provided
  • New clothes and great posters
  • Develop your performance skills
  • Gain experience in working beyond the classroom
  • Build relationship contacts for future employment
  • Friendships that last for a lifetime
  • Grow personally closer to the Lord through service
  • Help others grow closer to the Lord


  • Perform at all scheduled performances (about twice a month)
  • Participate in all scheduled rehearsals (3-4 hours a week)
  • Be in good standing at Bethel College with a GPA of 2.0 and above
  • Positively represent Christ, Bethel College, and the Music Ministry Team's ministry on and off the stage
  • Be able to balance schoolwork, travel, and outside commitments (jobs, relationships, etc.) effectively, and willing to make Music Ministry Team a high priority

Audition and Application Information:

  • Download the Audition and Application Form (PDF 73k)
  • Please have your songs well prepared and your audition sheets filled out completely.
  • Please have two prepared pieces of contrasting styles for performance. At least one of the two should be accompanied by an accompaniment track.
  • Instrumental applicants will be asked to play along with a new song in addition to their prepared songs.
  • If an accompanist is required for one of your songs, please obtain your own accompanist.
  • Sound equipment will be provided (this includes microphone and cd players).
  • Each individual audition will take no longer than five minutes. One-two minutes of each song will be heard. Please do not be offended if your songs are cut short.
  • This will be a closed audition. Only those evaluating the performer, the sound technician, and your accompanist (if needed) will be in the room at the time of your audition.
  • Teams will be formed according to musical ability, personality and individual gifts.
  • If selected to become a member of the team, you will be notified via your campus e-mail address.
  • Any further questions can be directed to Jil Hostetler in the Music Ministry Team office, 574.807.7825.