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Start of the Game

  1. The Referees have the ultimate authority of the game.  They are empowered to address questions, call penalties, and eject players from the game.

  2. Coin flip will decide who will be on defense/offense first.

  3. Game Time is forfeit time – no grace period.

  4. Offense begins on its own ten (10) yard line.

  5. Participants must be registered on the team in which they are playing.

First Downs

  1. There will be four 20 yard first down zones.

Timing of the Game

  1. The game clock will be set at 20 minutes per half.  Time will stop only for timeouts (one per team in the 2nd half only) and injuries.

  2. Teams will be allowed 20 seconds to run a play after the ball has been placed.


  1. A coin flip will decide which team gets possession first

  2. Each team will start from the 25 yard line and will have 4 downs to score a touchdown.  Conversion rules apply.

  3. Alternate possession until a winner is decided.


  1. A touchdown is worth six (6) points

  2. A point after conversion from the five (5) yard line is worth one (1) point.  A point after from the ten (10) yard line is worth two (2) points.


  1. Blocking is permitted on the line of scrimmage only.  After the catch, blocking can only occur through obstruction.

  2. Bump and run defense will be permitted within the official’s discretion

Change of Possession/Fumbles

  1. All fumbles will be ruled dead balls at the point in which the ball hits the ground and possession is maintained by the offensive team. This includes center to quarterback exchange.

  2. Punting is allowed and the ball will be spotted where it lands or goes out of bounds, not where it rolls to.

Tackling/Flag Guarding

  1. A legal tackle takes place by a defender removing the ball carrier’s flag(s) without physically grasping them. If a flag is missing from the ball carrier, then he/she will be down when touched by a defender.  

  2. Flag guarding and stiff arming by the ball carrier will be called down at the spot of the infraction and penalized five (5) yards with a loss of down.

  3. "Tackle Rule" – if in the official’s judgement the ball carrier is physically pushed, held, or tackled by a defender, to prevent an obvious score or forward progress, the result will be 15 yard penalty and automatic first down. 


  1. Flag guarding, offside, illegal procedure, too many players on the field, delay of game, stiff-arming, etc. are all five (5) yard penalties.

  2. Pass interference, unsportsmanlike conduct (taunting), personal fouls, and blocking below the waist and off the line of scrimmage are ten (15) yard penalties. An automatic first down will also be awarded.

  3. In the case of an ejection, the player will be required to leave the field of play and will receive a 1 game suspension from play.

Miscellaneous Game Regulations

  1. The quarterback will not be allowed to run past the line of scrimmage unless:  A second hand off occurs (example - the center snaps the ball to the quarterback, who then hands off to another player.  This player is now the new quarterback.)

  2. The center must snap the ball between the legs or from the side.

  3. All players are eligible receivers.

  4. Clothing must be tucked underneath your flags.

  5. One foot in bounds and possession of the ball constitutes a catch.

  6. The offensive team will be responsible for returning the ball to the line of scrimmage after each play (in a timely manner).

  7. Substitutions will be allowed between plays.

  8. One player may be in motion at a time.

  9. The captain must be a player and is the spokesperson for their team.

  10. Cleats are allowed but cannot be metal.

  11. No stripping of the football (play will be called dead/fumble).

  12. Each team can consist of no more than ten (12) players and no fewer than six (6).

  13. Players may only appear on one roster. 

  14. Once your roster has been sent in, there may be changes made and verified only through email to the Intramural Director (

  15. Please contact Intramural Director ( for any further questions.