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Join Our Staff

Do you think you may be interested in being involved with The Bethel Beacon? Paid staff positions are available, as well as numerous opportunities for writing articles. Regardless of whether or not your major or minor relates to communications, The Bethel Beacon welcomes you.

Top 10 Reasons to Join The Bethel Beacon

  1. You can keep students updated about what is occurring on campus.
  2. You can sharpen your writing skills, even if you are not considering a career in journalism.
  3. You have an excuse to write about personally meaningful issues.
  4. You can gain writing experience in a safe, non-rejecting environment.
  5. You can write all over the Helm yearbook production board when the staff isn't looking.
  6. You can enjoy free coffee and pizza!
  7. You may get to experience overnighters once a month in the Publications Lab.
  8. You will experience least within the "Bethel Bubble."
  9. You earn lots of money (this is clearly sarcastic).
  10. You have control (or at least have the illusion of it).

Read Job Descriptions for more information

For more information, contact Assistant Director of Student Media
Tim Ceravolo
Phone: 574.257.3522