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Student Life


Helm is an award-winning yearbook that is produced every school year and distributed the following fall semester to full-time traditional students as a CD, free of charge. Hard copies are available for students to purchase as well. Cindy Lynn Jacobs serves as assistant director of student media and adviser to the student staff.

The purpose of Helm is to document the history and capture the memories of each school year. Students interested in journalism, graphic design and photography work together as a team and develop their leadership skills while learning the various aspects of publishing. Specific tasks include assigning photos and stories, designing pages, writing and editing copy, selling advertising space and learning how to use the latest equipment and software in the business.

Helm is created by using state-of-the-art equipment and software. High-end computers with InDesign and Photoshop CS6 enable the staff to stretch their creative abilities while learning important skills that will prepare them for the competitive world of media.

Student staff positions are paid positions.