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Student Life


Krista Patch
  • Krista Patch
  • Executive Editor
  • Year: Senior
  • Major: English Writing
  • Random fact: One of my favorite TV shows is “Make It or Break It” and I was really depressed when they ended the series.
  • Krista is in her fourth and final year at Bethel and this year's Editor-in-Chief and co-captain of the Bethel College Co-Ed Cheerleading Team. After graduation she hopes to start a career in publishing, editing/writing, or marketing but really she is up for whatever comes her way.
Maria Cardoza
  • Maria Cardoza
  • Photographer; Section Editor
  • Year: Junior
  • Major: ASL Interpreting
  • Random fact: My happy place is a mug of strong coffee.
  • “I am a junior from a small community in southern Alaska. I love photography, violin, and reading.”
Jordan Moya
  • Jordan Moya
  • Photographer; Section Editor
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Philosophy and Biblical Studies
  • Random fact: I like Taylor Swift.
  • Just a quiet kid that likes to sit outside SG.
Joseph Beachey
  • Joseph Beachey
  • Section Editor
  • Year: Junior
  • Major: English Education
  • Random fact: Traveled to two countries and thirty states, but never left the main land mass of North America.
  • Joseph is a self-described violent pacifist with self-debasing egotistic tendencies and a socially polarizing demeanor trying to be more like Jesus. He plans to go on to grad school to continue his literature and writing studies anywhere that strikes him as the right place to go. Despite having recently referred to one female friend as resembling a giant blue Smurf monster, he is a pretty nice guy if you can handle the aforementioned downsides. And in his defense, prior to calling her that, he had been staring into the sun.