Intercultural Studies

Students in China


If you have a heart and a calling to make a difference in the world you need to consider the Intercultural Studies major at Bethel College.

This path provides a solid theological and practical ministry base with significant engagement in the social sciences, culture, and geography to provide a foundation and skill set to engage the world both at home and abroad.

Because of the variety of opportunities globally to engage the world, this major works well with an assortment of minors for added flexibility upon graduation.

Some popular minors to add onto the Intercultural Studies major are: TESOL, Business, Youth Ministry, Philosophy, Sociology, Family Studies, Biblical Languages and Spanish.

The Intercultural Studies major is an interdisciplinary program which offers the Bachelor of Arts degree. This program is designed for students who wish to:

  • pursue challenging careers in addressing critical intercultural issues;
  • analyze global problems affecting poverty and underdevelopment with a special focus on a Christian understanding of the complex interconnections and human dimensions of such problems;
  • develop skills and contacts to work toward solving problems at either local or international levels;
  • participate in an experiential learning environment with the possibility of spending at least one semester completing service-oriented internships developing cross-cultural skills and carrying out other learning projects; and
  • be a part of a supportive community of Christian servant-scholars connected through common experiences and commitments.